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Managing Director

Our Experience is Your Benefit!

Christoph Seidl

Christoph, 64, Assessor phil./M.Ed. is our Managing Director. He lives in Bremen/Germany and has been working in the international theme park industry since 1997. Initially responsible for sales in Great Britain and the Middle East for HUSS, he set up his own business in this sector in 2001.

He is familiar with all major types of amusement facilities, the most renowned manufacturers in this industry and, in particular, amusement parks in Europe and the Middle East, and enjoys their trust.

From 2006 to the end of June 2024, he advised a German installation company on the acquisition of contracts for the installation of amusement rides and, in particular, steel roller coasters.

He therefore knows from many years of experience all relevant aspects of the successful implementation of an amusement facility on site.

Since the fall of 2022, we have been carrying out contracts for the installation of amusement facilities of all kinds ourselves with Active Leisure. Our main focus is currently on the North and Latin America region. We already have a large team and fully equipped workshop and office containers here.

From July 2024, we will be setting up further regional focal points with Active Leisure.

Elisabeth Pinto

Liasion Manager

Elisabeth, 57, is responsible for all coordination with pour Spanish/Portuguese partners and with customers especially in Southwest Europe and in Central and South America.

She also lives in Bremen/Germany.

She supports us on the basis of her studies of modern languages, with her varied professional experience in actively addressing customers and with her language skills in Portuguese (mother tongue), English, Spanish, and French.

She therefore enables us communicating with clients who prefer to do speak in their respective mother tongues. From our point of view this is also a matter of respect.